How To Do A Beach Volleyball Pokey

Today, we’re diving into a crucial skill in beach volleyball – the pokey. In beach volleyball, where open-handed tipping is not allowed, mastering the pokey is essential for precise ball control. Let’s explore the basics and elevate your beach volleyball game.

1. Equipment Matters:

Before we get into the technique, ensure you’re using a beach volleyball, preferably the Mikasa brand. The softer texture of beach volleyballs compared to indoor ones ensures a more comfortable experience, making the pokey a safer and enjoyable skill to master.

2. Hand Positioning:

Perfecting the pokey starts with proper hand positioning. Use only your index finger and middle finger to create a claw-like shape. The key is to form a flat surface with your middle knuckle – this is the area that will make contact with the ball. Keep your fingers spread apart, creating a larger, even surface for more effective ball control.

3. Aggressive Movement:

Initiate the pokey with an assertive and aggressive movement. Your hand should go to meet the ball rather than waiting for the ball to come to you. This proactive approach not only enhances control but also prevents potential pain, allowing you to dictate the movement and direction of the ball.

4. Starting Small:

Begin by practicing small touches with the ball in your hand. Focus on meeting the ball with your fingers, ensuring a clean and controlled contact. Gradually progress to tossing the ball to yourself and poking it towards a partner. This step helps in developing a feel for the movement and improving precision.

5. Full Attack Approach:

Once you’ve gained confidence, take your pokey skills to the net. Practice the full attack approach, incorporating a toss and pokey. This simulates real-game scenarios and helps you seamlessly integrate the pokey into your offensive repertoire.


Congratulations! You’ve now equipped yourself with the fundamentals of the beach volleyball pokey. This versatile skill serves as a valuable tool for saving balls, outsmarting opponents, and executing strategic shots. Remember to use a beach volleyball for a more forgiving experience on your fingers.

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