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What Is 4 Set In Volleyball

Volleyball is a dynamic and fast-paced sport that relies on strategic plays and skilled athletes working in harmony. One crucial aspect of the game is the ability to execute different sets effectively.

The Four set, a high and slow set delivered to the left-side hitter, plays a significant role in many teams’ offensive strategies.

4 Set In Volleyball

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the fundamentals, execution, strategies, common mistakes, and practice techniques for mastering The Four set in volleyball.

What Is 4 Set In Volleyball?

The Four set is a high, slow set delivered by the setter to the left-side hitter.

This set typically has a high trajectory, allowing the hitter more time to approach the net, position themselves correctly, and make a powerful attack.

By varying the speed and height of the sets, teams can keep the opposing blockers guessing and create scoring opportunities.

Roles and responsibilities of the setter and the left-side hitter

The success of The Four set relies on the precise execution by both the setter and the left-side hitter.

The setter must deliver the ball with the right height and speed, while the left-side hitter must time their approach, jump, and hit accurately to maximize the chances of scoring.

Ideal court positioning for executing The Four set

To execute The Four set effectively, the setter should be positioned just behind the 3-meter line, near the middle of the court.

The left-side hitter should be close to the left antenna, preparing to attack the ball near the net.

These positions can be adjusted based on the team’s formation and the specific play being run.

How To Executing The Four Set

The setter’s techniques for a perfect high set

For a successful Four set, the setter must deliver the ball with the right height and speed.

To achieve this, the setter should use a quick, fluid hand motion, extending their arms fully while keeping their wrists relaxed.

The setter must maintain proper body positioning, facing the target and using their legs and core for power and control.

The left-side hitter’s approach and timing

The left-side hitter’s approach is crucial for a powerful attack. The hitter should start a few steps behind their initial position, move forward in a slightly diagonal path towards the net, and accelerate as they approach the ball.

The key to a successful hit is to time the approach so that the hitter reaches the optimal point of contact at the peak of their jump.

Jumping and hitting technique for maximum power and accuracy

To generate maximum power and accuracy in their attack, the left-side hitter should focus on a strong, explosive jump, driving through their legs and using their arms to propel themselves upward.

As they jump, the hitter should maintain a high elbow and a fully extended, whipping arm motion to contact the ball at the highest point, aiming for a steep downward trajectory to exploit the opposing team’s defense.

Strategies for The Four Set

When to use The Four set during a game

The Four set is most effective when used strategically to exploit weaknesses in the opposing team’s defense.

It can be used when the blockers are anticipating a faster set or when the left-side hitter has a favorable matchup against the opposing blocker.

Mixing up the tempo of the sets keeps the defense guessing and creates scoring opportunities.

Exploiting defensive gaps and weaknesses

When executing The Four set, the left-side hitter should aim to target the gaps in the opposing team’s defense or exploit weaknesses in their blocking.

By studying the opponent’s blocking patterns and defensive formations, the hitter can find the best angles and attack zones to maximize their chances of scoring.

Combining The Four set with other offensive strategies

The Four set can be combined with other offensive strategies, such as back row attacks, quick middle attacks, or combination plays, to keep the opposing team off balance.

By incorporating various sets and plays into the team’s offensive repertoire, the team can create a diverse and unpredictable attack, making it difficult for the defense to anticipate and react effectively.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mistakes made by the setter

Setters may sometimes release the ball too early or too late, resulting in an inconsistent trajectory or a set that is too low or too high.

To avoid these mistakes, setters should focus on proper hand contact and release timing, maintaining a relaxed wrist and following through completely on each set.

Mistakes made by the left-side hitter

Left-side hitters may misjudge their approach or hit the ball at the wrong point in their jump, resulting in weak or inaccurate attacks.

To improve, hitters should practice their approach timing and ensure they contact the ball at the peak of their jump, with a high elbow and a fully extended arm.

Tips for improving The Four set execution

To enhance the execution of The Four set, both setters and hitters should focus on communication, timing, and consistency.

Setters can work on improving their touch and control, while hitters should refine their approach, jump, and hitting technique.

Regular practice and feedback from coaches and teammates will be invaluable in making adjustments and improvements.

Drills and Practice Techniques

Drills for the setter to improve accuracy and consistency

Setters can practice their accuracy and consistency by setting against a wall, aiming for a specific target, or working with a partner to set back and forth.

They can also use setting training devices or incorporate game-like situations during practice to refine their skills under pressure.

Drills for the left-side hitter to develop timing and power

Left-side hitters can practice their timing and power through hitting drills, focusing on their approach, jump, and arm swing.

They can also work on their attack angles, aiming for specific targets or zones on the court, and participate in game-like situations to develop their skills in a realistic context.

Team drills to enhance communication and coordination

To improve communication and coordination between the setter and the left-side hitter, teams can practice combination plays or run drills that require the two players to work together closely.

These exercises will help build trust and understanding between the setter and the hitter, ultimately leading to the more successful execution of The Four set during games.


The value of mastering The Four set in volleyball cannot be understated. By perfecting this versatile and effective set, teams can exploit defensive weaknesses, create scoring opportunities, and elevate their overall performance.

Commitment to practice and continuous improvement will ensure that both the setter and the left-side hitter can execute The Four set with precision and power, making it a formidable weapon in any team’s offensive arsenal.

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