How to Swing Block in Volleyball

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to the channel. Today, we’re diving into a crucial skill in volleyball – the art of swing blocking. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, swing blocking is a technique that can elevate your game. In this video, we’ll cover the footwork and key pointers to help you master the swing block effectively. Let’s get started!

1. Footwork:

Similar to Attack Approach: The footwork for swing blocking closely mirrors your standard attack approach. If you need a refresher, check out my video on the basic attack approach for volleyball.

Direction – Going Right:

  • Right Step: Initiate with a big, strong step using your right foot.
  • Hip Orientation: Open your hips towards the sideline you’re moving to.
  • Hand Position: Start with your hands up in a blocking position, ready for action.

Direction – Going Left:

  • Left Step: Begin with a powerful step using your left foot.
  • Hip Orientation: Open your hips towards the left sideline.
  • Hand Position: Maintain your hands in a blocking stance, poised for the jump.

Important Tips:

  • Bent Knees: Start with slightly bent knees to facilitate lateral movement.
  • Arm Movement: Use your arms actively; draw them back after the first step to swing up and over the net.
  • Sound of Steps: Aim for a rhythmic sound – one, two, three – as your feet hit the ground.
  • Avoid Floating: Prevent drifting by ensuring a solid plant with your outside foot. This minimizes the risk of colliding with your partner or overshooting the block.

2. Left vs. Right:

  • Right Direction: For a rightward swing block, the sequence is right, left, right.
  • Left Direction: When going left, the sequence becomes left, right, left.
  • Personal Preference: Everyone may have a preferred direction, often influenced by handedness. Experiment and find your comfort zone.

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That’s a wrap on mastering the swing block in volleyball. Remember, whether you’re a middle blocker or play another position, incorporating swing blocking into your skill set is invaluable. If you have questions or thoughts, drop them in the comments. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe to the channel, and stay tuned for more volleyball insights. Thanks for joining, and may your swing blocks be powerful and precise on the court!

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